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Title Postage stamp Desige contest / 2017.05.02
Date 2017-04-03

Korea Post has been holding the International Postage Stamp Design Contest each year to boost public interest in stamps and to promote the culture of communication using letters and stamps. The annual contest is open to anyone in Korea and overseas under two categories, Youth and General. The 22nd International Postage Stamp Design Contest was about Love and Happiness,

the most essential yet easily forgotten virtues, and the winning designs are appearing on new postage stamps. With the first theme Love, the judges chose works that reflect the intrinsic meaning of love and bring warmth to viewers hearts. Created by Lee Su-Jeong, Love of Hedgehogs, the Grand Prize winner in the General Category is a lovely work that employs a warm tone and soft colors. As the old Korean saying Even hedgehogs love their own babies suggests, Lees work shows a mother hedgehog hugging her own young tight, despite sharp quills, in the shape of heart. The Grand Prize winner in the Youth Category was My Home Filled With Love, designed by Jeong Seo-han of Dasan School.

The work depicts different forms of family, including newly-wed and middle-aged couples, and the love they share with each other in their homes. It reminds viewers of the meaning of home and makes them reflect on the true value of family love. With the second theme Happiness, the judges focused on works that represent the value of happiness hidden in our everyday lives. Created by Jang Suk-yeong, A Familys Laughter, the Grand Prize winner in the General Category, shows a family of four having fun together. The big smiles on everyones faces remind viewers of the value and meaning of true happiness.

The Grand Prize winner in the Youth Category was The Happiness a Letter Brings by Im Yu-ra of Seoul Design High School. The work depicts the happiness that a letter brings to the recipient. Because of the wide use of SNS and email today, nearly everyone today has forgotten the excitement of receiving a personal letter, and this work reminds them of that excitement and happiness.

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